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      There are hundreds and thousands of online watch and jewlery shops on the internet. They all look the same, they sell similar products and they all have similar prices. 

      However, the vast majority of these stores are run by people who are just looking for a quick and easy buck. 

      Scams, tricks and con men are everywhere and very few of these stores live up to their promises.

      Sometimes they lie about their shipping times. Sometimes they fake their product descriptions and images. 

      Even their reviews on third party websites are fake.

      Most of the time, it’s impossible to even know if a store is legit before you actually buy, and then it’s often too late.

      Street Ice was formed to change this. We want to focus on building a long term, stable and viable brand where people can buy iced out watches and accessories without having to be worried about getting scammed.

      We put in the work other stores don’t. We put in the heart and dedication that other stores don’t. 

      All of our products are quality tested, our staff is well trained and anyone associated with Street Ice is carefully vetted and considered.

      We want to become the best iced out watch brand out there and we aren’t taking any shortcuts to get there.

      In order to combat an industry notoriously filled with scammers, we have to do things differently at street ice.

      We aim to be transparent with our customers and we take you seriously to make sure we are the absolute best that we can be.

      Our product images are real, our shipping times are correct and our product descriptions are honest.

      Our support team is well trained and motivated to provide you with the assistance you need. 

      Our suppliers are carefully vetted and all products are inspected with attention to detail to ensure quality control.

      We want to make sure that our customers can get the very best experience possible when buying from us.

      Street Ice aims to create a store where you can safely buy iced out watches and our thousands of customers agree with us.

      If you have any questions whatsoever then just let us know and we will make sure to get you the help you need.

      Street Ice’s jewelry looks like the real thing but only costs a fraction of the price. This isn’t because of some scam or trick, it’s because Street Ice uses plated jewelry and synthetically created stones for our jewelry and watches.

      No one (apart from a trained professional with the right equipment) can tell the difference. 

      They look the same, they feel the same and the only difference is that you can get our watches without breaking your bank account.

      You don’t have to worry about poor standards either.

      To ensure quality, we make sure to coat our plated jewelry at least five times and our product pages are all completely transparent and honest. 

      Another thing we do to bring our costs down is to completely skip the middleman. We have some products in stock but otherwise, we send our products straight from our supplier directly to you.

      This helps us save money with: processing, shipping, storage, logistics, staff and so on. We hand over these savings directly to you.