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Our beautiful pendants, for people who pay attention to the details. 🔎💎

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Custom Letter Miami Cuban Chain - StreeticeCustom Letter Miami Cuban Chain - Streetice
Custom Letter Miami Cuban Chain
Sale priceFrom $212.00
Iced Out Lion - Streetice
Iced Out Lion
Sale price$100.00
Iced Ankh Pendant - StreeticeIced Ankh Pendant - Streetice
Iced Ankh Pendant
Sale price$111.00
Maxed Out Crosses - StreeticeMaxed Out Crosses - Streetice
Iced Square Badge - StreeticeIced Square Badge - Streetice
Iced Square Badge
Sale price$78.00
Iced Boxing Gloves Pendant - StreeticeIced Boxing Gloves Pendant - Streetice
Iced Boxing Gloves Pendant
Sale price$100.00
Iced Drippin Uzi - StreeticeIced Drippin Uzi - Streetice
Iced Drippin Uzi
Sale price$100.00
Cube Custom Letter - StreeticeCube Custom Letter - Streetice
Cube Custom Letter
Sale priceFrom $55.00
Iced Compass - StreeticeIced Compass - Streetice
Iced Compass
Sale price$100.00
Iced Snake Cross - StreeticeIced Snake Cross - Streetice
Iced Snake Cross
Sale price$78.00
Iced Money Tree - StreeticeIced Money Tree - Streetice
Iced Money Tree
Sale price$100.00
Big Iced Allah - StreeticeBig Iced Allah - Streetice
Big Iced Allah
Sale price$78.00
Iced Couple Heart - StreeticeIced Couple Heart - Streetice
Iced Couple Heart
Sale price$100.00
Iced Human Skull - StreeticeIced Human Skull - Streetice
Iced Human Skull
Sale price$89.00
Iced Praying Hands Pendant - StreeticeIced Praying Hands Pendant - Streetice
Iced Praying Hands Pendant
Sale price$100.00
Iced Jesus Pendant - StreeticeIced Jesus Pendant - Streetice
Iced Jesus Pendant
Sale price$89.00
Iced Drippin Star - StreeticeIced Drippin Star - Streetice
Iced Drippin Star
Sale price$100.00
Iced Hamsa - StreeticeIced Hamsa - Streetice
Iced Hamsa
Sale price$100.00
Iced Cross - StreeticeIced Cross - Streetice
Iced Cross
Sale price$100.00
Iced Bee Pendant - StreeticeIced Bee Pendant - Streetice
Iced Bee Pendant
Sale price$78.00
Iced Round Allah - StreeticeIced Round Allah - Streetice
Iced Round Allah
Sale price$100.00
Iced Snake - StreeticeIced Snake - Streetice
Iced Snake
Sale price$111.00
Small Allah Pendant - StreeticeSmall Allah Pendant - Streetice
Small Allah Pendant
Sale price$100.00
Iced Rose Pendant - StreeticeIced Rose Pendant - Streetice
Iced Rose Pendant
Sale price$100.00
Iced Axe - StreeticeIced Axe - Streetice
Iced Axe
Sale price$111.00
Drippy Burst Heart - StreeticeDrippy Burst Heart - Streetice
Drippy Burst Heart
Sale price$100.00
Diamond Hand Pendant - StreeticeDiamond Hand Pendant - Streetice
Diamond Hand Pendant
Sale price$66.00
Big Iced Square Badge - StreeticeBig Iced Square Badge - Streetice
Big Iced Square Badge
Sale price$111.00

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