Watch Stand

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Overall height: approx. 14cm/5.51inch
Material: Marble and PU- leather

*Watch on picture not included

A watch, especially a streetice watch is an important item to help in both accessory and timekeeping. It is a good way of showing your signature style as watches vary in colour, size, colour, material, origin, value and shape. However, these items can get ruined or tainted if not taken care of properly. Most watches get ruined due to poor storage and carelessness. For instance, you put your watch on the bedside table and as you wake up, you accidentally tip it; it falls and breaks the glass or gets a scratch. 

This can be prevented by getting a watch stand. Watch stands come in all sizes, shapes and colours according to your liking. They are classy and keep your place organized. You can put your watch on display stands available in the market to avoid such accidents. Some people have a whole collection of watches that remains in their cabinets and shelves where there is plenty of dust and at risk of scratches. In this article, you will learn tips on how to take care of your watch to keep them in mint condition.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to use a watch stand instead of a dresser drawer.

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